Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits
Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits

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Eligibility Requirements:

In order to receive a GOAL Scholarship, a student must meet all eligibility requirements contained in the law under which we operate, and must meet all admission requirements set by the GOAL participating school and must go through the school's application process before receiving a scholarship. The law under which this program operates defines student eligibilityas follows:

  • To qualify for receipt of a scholarship, a student must be a Georgia resident who is currently enrolled in, and has attended a Georgia secondary or primary public school for a least 6 weeks* immediately prior to receiving a scholarship or tuition grant under this law, or who is eligible to enroll in a qualified Pre-K4, Kindergarten, or 1st grade program.

*The six week attendance requirement may be waived in the following cases:

  1. A student is or would be assigned to a public school that the Office of Student Achievement determines to be a low-performing school based on the school attendance zone of his or her primary residence, or
  2. A student is the subject of officially documented cases of school based physical violence or student related verbal abuse threatening physical harm, or 
  3. A student was enrolled in an official home study program for at least one year immediately prior to receiving a scholarship or tuition grant under this law.

GOAL requires the following to be submitted to Appling Christian Academyto process the request for scholarship funding:


1)    The first two pages of the latest Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040

2)    Copy of the report card verifying enrollment in a Georgia public school

3)    Any additional supporting documentation to demonstrate the need for tuition assistance



*Is a withdrawal form from a Georgia public school enough to show proof of eligibility for GOAL?


No. In order to be eligible for a GOAL Scholarship, the student must be attending a Georgia public school at the time of his or her recommendation. If a student has a withdrawal form from the public school, they are technically no longer enrolled in the public school system and

therefore no longer qualify for a GOAL Scholarship. Instead, GOAL requires a progress report, report card or attendance record that includes the date, student’s name and name of the public school. Once the GOAL Scholarship Agreement has been signed, the student can withdraw

from the public school and enroll at your school. GOAL responds quickly to all scholarship recommendations and we can draft an Agreement for a student within 48 hours if all of the submitted paperwork is complete.


*Do Pre-K students qualify for a GOAL scholarship?


Yes. Pre-K students qualify for a GOAL scholarship if the Pre-K program has been certified by the state of Georgia.


*What if a family did not file taxes last year? Is there another form of proof of income documentation that the family can submit to GOAL for consideration?


Yes. We now have a form available on My GOAL that a family can fill out if they did not file a tax return. The form is called the “Income Tax Non-Filer Statement.”




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