Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits
Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits

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Senior Information Page

Mrs. Sharpe needs you to be gathering photos for year book and decide on what size pages you want to purchase. Talk to your parents and let me or Mrs. Sharpe know.

$200 full page

$125 half page

$75 quarter page

Hey, Kiddos! I need more information from you. In a very short time, I must submit your Last Will and Testaments to the newspaper. I need those from you as soon as possible but take your time in preparting them with some thought. Below, I have an example of what it should look like. Remember , to include everybody you want to say something to (including your parents, teachers, etc.)




I, Samantha Deen, being of musical mind and outstanding body, hereby bequeath to the




To Shekinah Bartido, I leave “polo”, the Potato Creek Gang, all the times we’ve hung out at your


house, Albert, my ability to stay calm, and our friendship throughout the years.


To Chelsey Treague, I leave Jessica, net ball, the trips on away volleyball games, PSLS, Mickle,


and all the other inside jokes I can’t remember.


To Christopher Spikes, I leave Mr. Roy’s smoker, Pupcake, the dress from ninth grade, and our


friendship since pre-K.


To Coty Weaver, I leave my straight edge and a dinosaur costume.


To Ashby Nail, I leave “Ashby Nail’s Fishing Tales.”


To Jordan Wheeler, I leave a diploma and best of luck.


To Hope Smith, I leave our photo sessions and mani-pedi’s.


To Brandon Hutcheson, I leave my Beatles CD’s, my taste in music, and the Way I say doughnut.


To Hunter Mims, I leave my records, Maxwell’s silver hammer, and my Michael Jackson CD’s.


To Andrea Fernando, I leave PSLS, fried ice cream, Mercedes Benz Syndrome, and




To Hannah Nail, I leave PSLS, Chick-fil-A mints, Mercedes Benz Syndrome, my beautiful


singing skills, and chocolate bunnies.


To Amber Hutcheson, I leave, all the advice I’ve given you, my support, and all the time we


spent together.


To my parents, I leave my siblings. Good luck.


To Miss Claxton, I leave my pre-cal and Spanish work.


To Mrs. Cook, I leave all the great advice you’ve given me.


To Miss (Sheri) Allen, I leave all the times we got off topic in class, the rat, silly string, my


organization skills, the hoopty van, and Joey Corndog.


To Mr. Granade, I leave your awesome jokes, the support you’ve given me throughout high


school, and all the kids you’ve “taken out back.”







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