Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits (Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)
    Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits(Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)  

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Dual Enrollment Information Page




Full Time Dual Enrollment (MOWR) for students at Appling Christian Academy:

(60% or more course work taken in the college program)


 1.            College Grading Scale translated to high school grades



                A+           =              98

                A             =              95

                A-            =              92

                B+           =              88

                B             =              85

                B-            =              82

                C+           =              78

                C             =              75

                D+           =              74

                D             =              72

                D-            =              70

                F              =              69           and below



2.             Courses on campus required to qualify for valedictorian or salutatorian

                                a. Minimum fifty percent on campus courses per semester, including Bible.

                                b. Meet all other Honors requirements

3.             Meet all other graduation requirements and meet all requirements of the dual enrollment program

4.             Sign an agreement form as to the terms of the dual enrollment (parent/student signatures)

5.             Courses taken on the college level must equal the required course for high school graduation.


College Algebra, World, American, and British Literature, Science, Social Science (if needed) – all course must be college level (remedial courses are not acceptable) for full college credit hours. For example, a student must take a College Algebra that, if passed, will earn three semester hours. Three semester hours would translate to one Carnegie high school unit.


6.             Participation in GACS/GCAA events would be subject to approval from the GACS/GCAA.

7.             The student will be eligible to walk in the graduation ceremony and graduate with honors if the requirements are met.

8.             The student will be eligible to attend the junior/senior program and activities associated with the program.

9.             A female student would not be eligible for Homecoming honors and recognitions.

10.          The student would not be eligible to attend the senior class trip.

11.          The student would be required to pay the enrollment fee and thus would be considered an enrolled student at ACA.

12.          The student would be required to pay a tuition fee per course at ACA based on a percentage of the tuition cost.

13.          The student would pay an administrative fee of $100.00 to the school.

14.          The student would be required to pay the senior graduation fee.

15.          The student would be required to purchase the necessary books and supplies needed for courses taken on the ACA campus (approximately $75.00).

16.          An Honor Society student is still eligible to remain in the Honor Society provided the student remains an active participant.

17.          The student must meet all college entrance requirements to be eligible.


Fee scale for ­full time dual enrolled students – percentage of the yearly tuition (if six courses are offered to seniors at ACA; for example, the cost would be 1/6 of the tuition per on campus class; 2/6 of the tuiton if two on campus classes are taken, and so on). The full enrollment fee, full registration fee, and the full graduation fee (if a senior) are required. The cost of books is based on the catalogue price to schools. Independent courses (i.e. A/O cost for a supply of books – approximately $75.00).



Part Time Dual Enrollment for Students (50% or less course work taken in the college program):


1.             The same rules apply for part time dual enrolled students except for #9, #10, and #12.

2.             Part time Dual Enrolled (MOWR) students will pay the normal fees of a regular ACA student.


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