Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits (Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)
    Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits(Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)  

Dear  Parents:


As you consider the educational and spiritual needs of your child, the enclosed information may help you in your decision-making.


We feel that ACA offers a challenging education that blends an emphasis of strong academics and a commitment to traditional Christian values. We are committed to providing a balanced education academically, spiritually, physically and socially.


In the K3 through 12th grade programs, our curriculum is ABEKA, an excellent Christian and academic based curriculum. These materials are used to offer the very best opportunity for students to be motivated and challenged in their educational pursuits. All of our reading programs are phonetically based which insures that students will become successful readers. Our recent national achievement scores reflect the strong academic program.


As you browse through the enclosed materials, I think you will find that the program offered to our students is well rounded to meet the challenges our young people face today.


With the coming of a new school year, we are excited to announce that students in K5 through the 5th grade will have special extra-curricular programs in music. Our 5th graders will be able to participate in the C.H.A.M.P.S. program. Weekly chapel programs and daily Bible classes are the norm at ACA rather than the exception. Our middle and high school students have a variety of activities beyond the academics such as weekly chapel programs, daily Bible classes, Stem programs, fine arts, honor society, and athletics. In addition, the school is offering private piano lessons to students of any grade level during the school day.


Appling Christian Academy is fully accredited by the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council. The Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Board of Regents recognize GAPSAC as an official accrediting agency in Georgia. ACA holds membership in the Georgia Association of Christian Schools and the American Association of Christian Schools. The school has been serving the community since 1984.


If you are interested in our program, please call the school office for an appointment or for more information. I look forward to meeting with you. I know how important it is to you for your child to be in an educational environment that satisfies you and meets the needs of your child. I believe Appling Christian can serve that purpose.


Again, thank you for considering us and please feel free to visit us anytime.




Jerome Granade






The goal of the ACA educational process is to impact our world by preparing our students for our nation’s finest universities. Achieving this goal requires a curriculum which exposes students to a thoughtful sequence of study that builds a foundation of knowledge in each discipline and encourages thoughtful analysis and application. As a Christ-centered college preparatory school, we offer an academically challenging curriculum underpinned by sound Christian principles. These same principles guide the administration of the school.


At Appling Christian Academy, we seek not only to develop the mind of each student but to mold character as well. We unite with parents in their efforts to challenge their children to take responsibility for independent learning and thinking, to develop godly discernment and the resolve to make tough decisions for what is right and good, and to grow in maturity toward accepting responsibility for their actions. We believe that tomorrow’s leaders will possess not only bright minds but sound character.


At Appling Christian Academy, we exist for the purpose of “educating and equipping children to change the world for God's glory." We pursue this purpose while holding fast a set of core values that we will not compromise. These values include seeking to Glorify God in everything we do and say, teaching a Biblical World Life View, Supporting Families, pursuing Excellence, maintaining Integrity and a continual commitment to Advancing God's Kingdom in all of our pursuits.


Glorify God:

We believe the chief end of man is to glorify God and, therefore, we seek to bring glory to Him in everything we do, whether in thought, deed or action.


Biblical World Life View:

We believe God has given the Holy Scriptures as His authoritative and infallible rule for faith and life. God's truth revealed in the Bible provides the frame of reference or lens through which we view all of life. It is the foundation and integrating point for all truth. Thus, our curriculum and instruction, our programs and administration, our communication, every aspect of our school will be founded in a Biblical understanding of the world and life.


Advancing God’s Kingdom:

As Christians we are called to be redemptive agents in the world, acting as stewards of creation and having an impact on our culture that glorifies God and advances His kingdom. We will seek to strengthen believers and the church, profess the Gospel of Jesus Christ, relieve those in need, and stand against ideas and initiatives of the ungodly—in all, bringing glory to God and acknowledging with gratitude that He accomplishes the work.



We desire to exhibit complete honesty and integrity in our interactions with parents, students, faculty, staff, vendors and all others whom God may put in our path. We also seek soundness in our financial condition, business practices and policies. We understand that honesty and transparency does not mean disclosing some things that must necessarily be treated with confidentiality. Our desire is to be beyond reproach in everything we do and say.


Serve Families:

We acknowledge that God has given the responsibility of raising and training a child to the parents. We view our role as one of supporting parents and assisting them as they seek to fulfill God’s command to “train up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Our policies and actions are intended to support parents first. We believe that serving families means being financially responsible and making an ACA education within the financial reach of as many families as possible.



We strive for excellence in all aspects of our program. We pursue excellence in our curriculum, our faculty and staff, our school board, our athletic programs, our fine arts programs, and our property and equipment.



 Course Development


            Philosophy of each discipline as offered at Appling Christian Academy:




Bible teaching at all levels is vital to the mission of our school. We want our students to gain a perspective of life from God’s view point and this can be accomplished through a serious approach to Bible training. Our students can realize that there is but one God and that He is the Author of all life. The Word of God is taught to present the Gospel and to encourage students to grow in the grace of knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.




Communication skills are essential in life. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to express them themselves in oral and written ways. We believe that good grammar techniques and the application of such prepare our students in society to be equipped as living communicators of the Gospel. We challenge the students to be creative in written and oral expression and to maintain a Christian perspective in their readings and all forms of communication.




The purpose of offering math is to help our students with their analytical and reason skills. To invite them to understand that God is a God of order is vital to our philosophy. The teaching of math produces structure and prepares the students to exercise their mental capacities. Math courses can reinforce Christian values as it pertains to problem solving in life situations.


Foreign Language


The philosophy of Christian education is furthered through the study of other cultures. Gaining appreciation for others that live in different environments promotes a mission emphasis. The study of another’s language is a reminder of the vastness of God and the fact of His unlimited care for all people. To learn cultural differences and to learn an appreciation of the language are positives in the life of a Christian.




History presents the opportunity to view the events of the past and present from God’s influence in the affairs of man. In the study of unfolding events, students can see the authority and nature of God as revealed in the lives of people and events, both past and present. Christian examples in leadership and key positions in history help the students gain an understanding of God’s order and sovereignty.





Creation is taught as fact. The lessons gleaned in the study of science from a Christian viewpoint set the order and perspective of a young life. The students gain a clear appreciation of the order of God’s workmanship in this world. It teaches His omnipotence and makes the students aware of the Lord’s greatness and goodness.


Fine Arts


The teaching of art appreciation, music and drama further enhances the students’ awareness of the beauty of God’s ability to bestow His gifts and talents upon His people. The Christian testimony is furthered through the fine arts by expression and design.


Physical Education


 Course goals will include communicating a philosophy of fitness as a part of preparing for spiritual service; knowledge of the elements of diet, rest, and exercise required to maintain fitness; and experience in team and individual sports.  Activities will include fitness test, individual and team activities including games and skill level activities, aerobics instruction, and calisthenics and running.

















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