Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits
Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits

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Take credit for helping kids!

A 2008 law allows individuals and corporations to receive a Georgia income tax credit (and federal income tax deduction) for redirecting their state income tax payments to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. GOAL uses these contributions to provide private school scholarships to students who are eligible to enroll in kindergarten, or first grade or who are transferring from a Georgia public school or homeschool setting.  

How this helps you, the school, and the children.

You are already paying income taxes to the state. Why not redirect some of those taxes to provide Georgia

children with Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning (GOAL)? When you redirect your Georgia income taxes to GOAL, you can designate that the contribution be used to provide scholarships at Appling Christian Academy. Thus, ACA is able to:

1. increase the financial aid that it can offer new students,

2. increase school enrollment, and

3. increase the funds available to improve educational offerings.

What is the maximum amount I can contribute?

a. Single individual or head of household - $1,000;

b. Married couple filing joint return - $2,500;

c. Married couple filing separate return- $1,250;

d. C Corporation - 75% percent of Georgia income tax liability; or

e. S Corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner – pro-rata ownership share of the pass-through entity’s contribution, not to exceed limitations on individuals and married couples.

How do I redirect my Georgia income taxes for the kids?

Please send the following items directly to GOAL at Five Concourse Parkway, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30328.

1. A completed GOAL Contribution Form

2. A copy of page 2 of Form IT-QEE-TP1 pre-approval form, signed by you at Part C (GOAL will

complete the form for you and submit it to the Georgia Department of Revenue)

3. A check made payable to “Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc.” in the amount of your

contribution (this check will be deposited only when GOAL receives your Approval Letter from the DOR)

GOAL will send you the required paperwork to claim the credit with your taxes.

Georgians have been given a rare opportunity—the ability to decide how to spend income tax dollars that they otherwise would pay to the government. Since 2008, close to 17,000 taxpayers have redirected some of their Georgia income taxes to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. As a result of their generosity, several million dollars have been obligated for the provision of GOAL Scholarships to deserving students.

Please start the simple redirect process today. Contact Mrs. Suzanne Sharpe or Mr. Granade at the school if you have questions or need assistance. The GOAL program does not apply to preschool parents.

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