Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits (Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)
    Blending Biblical Values with Educational Pursuits(Informing the Mind, Inspiring the Heart)  

Appling Christian Academy
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OBJECTIVE: To encourage our parents of students in K5 through grade 12 to promote our school and to encourage prospective parents to consider enrolling their children at Appling Christian Academy.


The guidelines are as follows:


1). The program is for the 2023-2024 school year. The program will be reviewed each year to determine whether it will be offered in future years.


2). The enrollment program includes only students in K5 through grade 12.


3). Parents of presently enrolled students in K5 through grade 12 can have $100.00 per month up to a maximum of ten months discounted from their monthly tuition payments for each new student who enrolls and remains enrolled at ACA. (Example – if an ACA parent who presently has a child in K5 through grade 12 refers a family with two children enrolling in K5 through grade 12, that parent would receive a tuition discount of $200.00 per month for up to ten months as long as the referred students remain enrolled at ACA.)


4). Parents or families who enroll their children in K5 through grade 12 must cite the ACA family who recommended ACA to them (a reference line will be on the enrollment card).


5). Only one referring family can be cited by a prospective family or parent.


6). The incentive award is discontinued for the referring family should the student withdraw from ACA for any reason (including any disciplinary action that may be taken requiring the student to be separated from the school).


7). Members living in the same household of present ACA families are not eligible to be considered for the Enrollment Incentive Program.


8). Parents who are already receiving financial aid cannot receive further discounts under the Enrollment Incentive Program.

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